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ur paid subscriptions allows your school, booster club or organization to sell your own ads and is tailored to suit your desired file preparation and file management needs:


   The "Hosting Only Subscription", is a low-cost, self-service automated hosting subscription.

   The "Hosting + File-Management Subscription" provides for our staff to handle your file preparation & management during the setup and life of the subscription, and is priced accordingly.

App Hosting (self-service file management):

$69/monthly (only $399/year - save 52%!)


• MyTeamRoster access for all users.

• Application & cloud hosting for the entire season & playoffs, hosted 24/7.

(6) high frequency re-sale ad spots, that earn ad revenue for your team or booster club.

No setup fees.

Hosting + File-Management (full-service):

$109/monthly (only $799/yearly - save 39%!)


All App Hosting Features, plus file preparation and management services.

Simply drag & drop all of your files to your MyTeamRoster cloud file server directory, or provide such from another data source, and our MTR staff will handle all necessary file-type conversions, re-formatting, re-naming, re-sizing, etc., and work with you to ensure file conformity and accuracy of all data provided.

No setup fees.

Only $33.25/month

when purchased yearly for $399

or $69.00/month

No setup fees

Save 52%

See each package details below

App Hosting (self-service file management):

Free Subscription

MyTeamRoster Mobile app!

No setup fees!

No subscription fees!

No credit card info needed!

f  you don't need advertising revenue now, you can always convert to a full-service advertising subscription via PayPal anytime desired!



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